Dual Enrollment can be very beneficial to students as well as the parents. With this program, students will be able to take college credit courses from Southside Community College that can transfer to many universities.


Students can start Dual Enrollment in the 10th grade. Our guidanceĀ  department will be most helpful to students in directing them toward what classes to take.


Here are the following Dual Enrollment courses offered:


Western Civilization I & II (10th Grade)

College Comp (11th Grade)
College History (11th Grade)

British Lit (12th Grade)
Biology (12th Grade)
Physics (12th Grade)
Pre-Cal (12th Grade)
Calculus (12th Grade)
Political Science (12th Grade)
Introduction to Plant Science Tech (12th Grade)
Economics & Personal Finance (12th Grade)
ITE 115 Computer Information System (12th Grade)
ITE 170 Design, Multimedia, & Web Tech (12th Grade)
Principles of Business Marketing (12th Grade)
Nursing (12th Grade)
Emergency Medical Technician (12th Grade)


In order to enroll in these courses, students must take the Virginia Placement Test.


The DEParentStudentManual gives you all the information you need! This manual will tell you the requirements and prerequisites before enrolling in these courses and the scores students must obtain on the Virginia Placement Test.


Additional information can be found at Southside’s Dual Enrollment page.