The Associate’s Degree program is designed for students who earn a passing score on Southside Virginia Community College’s COMPASS entrance exam.  Students are expected to earn an advanced studies diploma while completing the requirements for the Associate’s Degree. The suggested course outline is as follows:

Grade 9:
1.       English 9 Honors
2.       DE PE-Health 100-First Aid and CPR andOrientation-SDV 100 College Success Skills
3.       DE Computer Literacy-ITE 115-Computer Applications and Concepts
4.       Foreign Language
5.       World History I
6.       Math-Algebra I or Geometry
7.       Earth Science Honors
8.       Student choice-elective
Grade 10:
1.       DE Humanities-Humanities 111-Great Books 1 and Humanities 112-Great Books 2
2.       DE World History II- History 101-Western Civilization 1 and History 102-Western Civilization 2
3.       English 10
4.       Biology
5.       HPE 10
6.       Math-Geometry or Algebra II
7.       Foreign language
8.       Student choice-elective
Grade 11:
1.       DE English 11-English 111-College Composition I and English 112-College Composition II
2.       DE Pre-Calculus-Math 163 Pre-Calculus I and Math 168-Pre-Calculus II
3.       DE US History-History 121-US History I and History 121-US History II
4.       Chemistry
5.       Foreign Language
6.       Student choice-elective or additional math if necessary
7.       Student choice-elective
8.       Student choice-elective
Grade 12:
1.       DE English 12-English 243-Survey of English Literature I and English 244-Survey of English Literature II
2.       DE Government- PLS 211-US Government I and PLS 212-US Government II
3.       DE Physics-PHY 101-Introduction to Physics 1
4.        Introduction to Physics 2
5.       DE Calculus-Math 273-Calculus I
6.       Math 274-Calculus II
7.       Student Choice-elective
8.       Student Choice-elective