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Important Graduation Dates and Details:

 May 12th–9 a.m.  Senior Awards Practice (mandatory)
May 13th–1 p.m.  Senior Awards (mandatory)
May 14th–9 a.m.  Graduation Practice, 7 tickets issued (mandatory)
May 16th–5:30 p.m.  Graduation  ***Students need to be in place in the main building by 4:15 p.m.
***Student must pick up and sign for his/her tickets.  These tickets will not be issued to anyone other than the student.  All graduation attendees must have tickets–even babies. 
****All school debts must be paid in order for a student to march at graduation.  
******Attire:  Gowns must be worn to senior awards. Caps and gowns must be worn to graduation.
Boys: Dark slacks (no jeans), white shirt, dark tie, dark shoes (no sneakers)
Girls: dress or skirt with dark shoes.  Neckline of dress should not be seen above the collar of the gown.  Hemline of dress or skirt should not fall below the gown. Formal shoes needed (no sneakers, flip-flops, etc. )


Parent Advisory Committee 


Parents, faculty, and business leaders working together create a successful school environment. Bluestone High School believes we must do everything we can to enhance the learning atmosphere of our students, as they truly are our future. 


Below is a list of liaisons bridging the gap between the school and community to ensure concerns are heard.  Please feel free to contact them by e-mail to express your concerns and praises for our school. 


Kristi Mills – 

Bobby Owen – 

Jason Hay –

Erick Huston –

Kimberly Mullins –


 2014-15 MCPS Strategic Plan

Support BHS’ Anti-Bullying Campaign: 


Senior Scholarship Information

See link below to view letter from Mr. Coleman on scholarship information available in guidance.

Senior Scholarships


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 Bluestone Highlights


 Teacher of the Year



Congratulations Mrs. Moody!


Dual Enrollment Highlight 


Thirteen students from Bluestone High School attended the Model General Assemby from April 16th-April 18th  in Richmond, Virginia. Throughout the school year, students worked together to develop two bills, which were presented while in Richmond. The bills addressed funding for student athletes and automatic voter registration. While in Richmond, students served as Senators, Delegates, Reporters, and Lobbyists and worked with other students from across the Commonwealth of Virginia to research, debate, and pass legislation. 




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BHS Administration


Assistant Principal-Mrs. Kindley

Assistant Principal-Mrs. Swain


 Building a School of Excellence

 Bluestone High School, its students and faculty have much to be proud of: increased on-time graduation rates, associate’s degree enrollment and advanced studies diplomas. We provide a variety of Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts and extra-curricular opportunities for students. We are committed to establishing a school environment that allows our students to flourish and to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Our website will be updated regularly to provide visitors to it with updated notices and bulletins and other news on a variety of subjects.

 We appreciate your continued support of our students, faculty and staff.




Christopher Coleman